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A Portrait of the Artist – Miho Hazama

Hi everyone,

I am happy to release this short film project I've been working on recently.
"A Portrait of the Artist - Miho Hazama"
Yusuke Suzuki, Andrei Matorin, Caroline Stucky and myself have been working together for quite a while and we have been working on many musician's documentaries and EPK (electronic press kit) videos.
We decided to work on a project that showcase the musician's life in an artistic way where most of the scenes were staged and we shot it with the Magic Lantern RAW video hack on the 5D mkiii, then colored it with Davinci Resolve to get the best images possible. To take a step further we also took photos during filming and did a text interview so we can know more about the artist in different spectrum.
Special thanks to our makeup artist Mika Mitamura for her great work on making the artist looks great on both video and photo.
Make sure you check out the behind the scene video afterwards!

A Portrait of the Artist - Miho Hazama from simonyuproduction on Vimeo.

A Portrait of the Artist - Miho Hazama
Directed, DP, Edited by Simon C.F. Yu
A.C. Yusuke Suzuki, Caroline Mariko Stucky
P.A. Andrei Matorin
Makeup by Mika Mitamura
Music by Miho Hazama
Tracks used: "Hidamari", "Ballad", "What will you see when you turn next the corner" from the album "Journey to Journey" - Miho Hazama available on iTunes
Shot with Canon 5D mk III with Magic Lantern RAW,
Lens: Canon 24-70 f2.8L mkii, Canon 70-200 f2.8L, Canon 85 f1.2L, Canon TS-E 24 f3.5L



Q: When did you start learning music?

Miho: I started taking lessons for piano, electric organ and composition when I was 6 years old. I briefly started thinking that I would love to be a composer when I was in middle high school, so I studied classical composition in high school and college. Then I happened to be the pianist in a college big band, and found contemporary jazz composition very attractive. That made me came to NYC to study jazz composition.



Q: What is your source of inspiration?

Miho: Music, experiences, emotions and memories.



Q: Why do you choose to live in New York City?

Miho: I believe that NYC is the best city to stay as a young jazz composer. It is also a great timing to dedicate a lot of time and energy to myself, and I feel that this town is perfect for those.



Q: What projects you have been working on?

Miho: As a composer, I have my chamber orchestra (a 13-piece band). We made our first album in 2012, and we have been playing at venues in NYC and Tokyo such as The Jazz Gallery, Blue Note NYC, etc. We are excited to record our 2nd album in next spring!! As an arranger/orchestrator, I've worked for a Japanese movie called "Evangelion Q", Metropole Orkest (The netherlands), Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (Japan), Yosuke Yamashita, Ryuichi Sakamoto and many others in a wide range of musical styles.


Q: How was your experience working on this project?

Miho: It was absolutely fun to work with such talented friends. I had no idea what exactly the video would look like, so I just tried my best to follow Simon's directions. I am not used to acting, but at least I tried to not be shy! I got so excited when I first watched the video, and there are a lot of cool editing techniques and shots in it! I hope you'll enjoy it as well.


Photos by Yusuke Suzuki
Makeup by Mika Mitamura
Edited by Simon C.F. Yu


Behind the Scene

Behind the scene of "A Portrait of the Artist - Miho Hazama" from simonyuproduction on Vimeo.

Behind the scene of "A Portrait of the Artist - Miho Hazama"
Directed, DP by Caroline Mariko Stucky
Edited by Simon C.F. Yu
A.C. Andrei Matorin
Photographed by Yusuke Suzuki
Makeup by Mika Mitamura
Music by Miho Hazama
Track used: "Tokyo Confidencial"" from the album "Journey to Journey" - Miho Hazama available on iTunes

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Jojo Mayer’s Nerve @Nublu

Directed by Joseph Marconi

Filmed by Simon C.F. Yu and Yusuke Suzuki

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Tobias Ralph x Pat Mastellotto x Jim Black

Indiscipline-3 drummers- Hammerax

Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp-Composers
Pat Mastellotto- Drums
Jim Black –Drums
Tobias Ralph- Drums
John Stannard- Arrangement, Fretless Guitar, Piano, Vocal
Sergio R. Samayoa- Recording Engineer and Sample Editing
Water Music- Thanks to Rob, Chris and Ernie
Baby Seal- Catering
The MIDI-ING Cartel- Vocal and piano editing

No Processing was used on Drums/Guitars.

Recorded in 2 takes at Water Music Hoboken 2014.

Video by Simon C.F. Yu
2nd Camera Andrei Matorin

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New Releases May 2014

Vogue Taiwan Cover Shoot with Miranda Kerr
Video Assisted and Music by Simon C.F. Yu

Rami Lakkis & Gene Lake - Neverend
Directed/Edited by Simon C.F. Yu
2nd Camera Pete O'Hare

Gene Ess "Fractal Attraction"
Directed/Edited by Simon C.F. Yu
2nd Camera Andrei Matorin
(Sorry Embed disabled by youtube)

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Jojo Mayer, Leo Genovese, Carlos Mena “Trip to Wendy’s”

Jojo Mayer on drums Leo Genovese on keys and Carlos Mena electric-bass, and acoustic bass quartet
Recorded/Mixed by John Davis @ Bunker Studio
Mastered by Avi Gunther
Directed/Edited by Simon C.F. Yu

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Screaming Headless Torsos EPK on Rollingstone Mexico!

Congrats Screaming Headless Torsos- Official Site on their Rollingstone Mexico feature! The EPK video was shot in various locations produced by Freedom Bremner and shot by Yusuke Suzuki Joel Stephen Andrei Matorin Pete O'Hare and yours truly.

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Sarah Kervin – Into the City (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Sarah Kervin - Into the City (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Filmed/Edited by Simon C.F. Yu (except footages from the farm)

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New Releases

"ertia": Isamu + Panagiotis Andreou + Justin Brown

Finale - Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins

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New Releases

Evan Marien "I can't complain" video feat. Pigtronix Echolution 2 Pedal

Edwin vs Briscoe "Look at me now" Busta's verse (RDC)

Downbeat Magazine April 2014 Steve Davis
22 steve davis downbeat

CD Covers:
Posi-Tone Records
Steve Fidyk - headsup

Brian Charette - Square One

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Snarky Puppy & Lalah Hathaway won the Grammy!

Congratulations to Snarky Puppy & Lalah Hathaway for winning the Grammy best R&B performance award!!!
It was a true honor to be part of the crew capturing the performance in Jefferson Center and big pleasure to work/tour with these amazing musicians all these years :)

Michael League changed my life back in 2011 when he asked me to bring my camera to tour with the band after I finished playing guitar with Lauryn Hill. Since then, not only making videos for Snarky members but also he introduced me to a lot of opportunities for making videos for many other musicians. He is the most hard working guy I have ever seen and most inspiring person that everyone enjoys working with him no matter how long the hours are and how complex the situation is.
Also congrats to all the Snaky family Mike Maher Bob Lanzetti Mark Lettieri Chris McQueen Justin Stanton Bill Laurance Nate Werth Robert Sput Searight Cory Henry Chris Bullock Jay Jennings you all deserve this award :-)
Shout out to Andy LaViolette Brad Holt Nikki Birch the video crew and Avi Yosef Gunther Eric Hartman Jake Dempsey Rob Bessolo the audio crew.
Thank you u all!

"Something" (Won the Grammy for Best R & B Performance)
from Snarky Puppy's live DVD/CD - "Family Dinner - Volume One"
available for purchase at /

written by David Foster & Brenda Russell
arranged by Robert "Sput" Searight, Bill Laurance, Mark Lettieri, & Michael League
produced by Michael League
co-produced by Snarky Puppy
recorded and filmed at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke, VA, on March 8, 2013.

Lalah Hathaway - guest vocalist
Robert "Sput" Searight - drums
Nate Werth - percussion
Michael League - bass
Bob Lanzetti - electric guitar
Mark Lettieri - electric guitar
Cory Henry - organ
Bill Laurance - Fender Rhodes
Jay Jennings - trumpet (solo)
Mike "Maz" Maher - trumpet
Chris Bullock - tenor sax & bass clarinet
Chelsea "Peaches" West - backing vocals
Katya Diaz - backing vocals
Rachella Searight - backing vocals

engineered by Eric Hartman
assisted by Avi Gunther & Jake Dempsey
mixed by Eric Hartman
mastered by Scott Hull
film directed by Andy LaViolette
filmed by Andy LaViolette, Brad Holt, Simon C.F. Yu, and Nikki Birch